Lazzaro and the Seagull


This story, (or should I say: true story) seems like a tale, but actually its a real story. I can't imagine how the feeling would be; it would be wonderful if I could be in that feeling.

 I could never communicate with a seagull. If I would try it would just fly away! I am not that good at communicating with any type of bird! But I am wondering....... there were two people on the boat, Lazzaro and somebody who was doing the photos. What if I was the person who was doing the photos, would the seagull fly away or not? Who knows, maybe it won't fly away.   


From Beatrice

I am 10 years old

(I still think it will fly away though!).


Ripetiamo in coda alla pagina le fotografie che documentano la storia.


1) l'appontaggio del gabbiano sul gozzo,


2) la paziente attesa dei frutti del bolentino,


3) il pranzo, imboccato dal pescatore.

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